Ecology • Natural Medicine • Holisticity

Our Story

The story of tierra begins with our contact with therapy and our travels to study the natural methods of medicine. The interconnection of botanical medicine, ecology and natural agricultural way of life has been the source of our inspiration. Through the study of medicine and ecology we recognized the need to move from a mechanistic understanding of the functions of nature to an expanded comprehension of the interrelationship and unity of the phenomena that take place in the human organism and in ecosystems.

Since then, we apply natural medicine as well as natural agricultural methods with point of reference to both traditional knowledge systems and modern scientific perspective. The expression of our activity is threefold and is related to the cultivation of medicinal herbs, the production of bee therapy products and the operation of a center of natural and traditional medicine.

Our Goal

  • Natural Medicine • Science • Culture
    Natural Medicine • Science • Culture
    The application and dissemination of natural medicine as a science and culture.
  • Ecology • Natural Agriculture
    Ecology • Natural Agriculture
    The maintenance of the balance of ecosystems and the biodiversity through natural agriculture and ecology.
  • Well-Being • Solidarity
    Well-Being • Solidarity
    The construction of well-being based on common goods.