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Medicine overtime it has evolved into a science and art as well as a study of the nature of human organism. Practices of conventional medicine today(such x-rays, chemical drugs, surgeries) seem to be more appropriate to severe and life-threatening illnesses as well as emergencies since the majority of the drugs deal with the symptoms and not the cause ,weaken the immune system and destroy the human microbiome. Illnesses and diseases can be treated more effectively and beneficially using ways to invigorate the immune system and to waken self-healing mechanisms. Traditional and natural systems developed over hundreds of years constantly reconfirm the effectiveness of a personalized natural treatment based on the idiosyncratic characteristics of each patient. The goal of a natural holistic medicine is also to teach the individual how to be in balance at the physical and mental level leading to spirituality, the essence of which is the elimination of human selfishness.

Within the framework of health care management Tierra runs a Center of  Natural Medicine. The main therapeutic tools used are herbal medicine, homeopathy and acupuncture. Apitherapy  as well as numerous therapeutic techniques from  different  traditional healthcare systems, are also applied.